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From 1 February 2013, the principal regulation of South Australia's retail energy market transferred to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). The AER is now responsible for consumer protection and performance monitoring in the electricity and gas retail market. Further information can be found by visiting the AER’s website

Pursuant to Part 4 of the Essential Services Commission Act, the Commission is empowered to make industry codes and rules regulating the conduct or operations of a regulated industry or regulated entities. The Commission has made a number of relevant industry codes and compliance with relevant codes is a mandatory condition of each electricity and gas licence issued by the Commission.

icon-electricity Small-scale energy networks

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SGNC/03 Small-scale electricity networks code Jul 2023 Code review

icon-electricity Distribution code

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EDC/14  Distribution code (commences Jul 2025) Jul 2023 Code review
EDC/13.1 Distribution code Jul 2020 Code review
EDC/12.1  Distribution code Jan 2018 Code review
EDC/12 Distribution code Jul 2015 Code review
EDC/11 Distribution code Sep 2013 Code review
EDC/10 Distribution code Feb 2013 Code review

icon-electricity Transmission code

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TC/09.4  Transmission code Jun 2021 Code review
TC/09.3  Transmission code Aug 2020 Code review
TC/09.2 Transmission code Mar 2019 Code review
TC/09.1 Transmission code Aug 2018 Code review
TC/09 Transmission code Jul 2018 Code review
TC/08 Transmission code  Oct 2015 Code review
TC/07.V2 Transmission code Jul 2013 Code review
TC07 Transmission code
Jul 2013
Code review

icon-electricity Metering code

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EMTC/08 Electricity metering code Feb 2013 Code review


icon-energy Prepayment meter system code

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PMSC/03  Prepayment meter system code Jul 2023 Code review
PMSC/02 Prepayment meter system code Sep 2013 Code review
PMSC/01 Prepayment meter system code May 2005 Code initiate