Power Line Environment Committee

The Power Line Environment Committee (PLEC) is a committee assisting the Minister responsible for the Electricity Act 1996 in assessing and recommending the undergrounding of overhead power lines.

The Committee comprises eight members with one member representing the interests of each of the following:

  • Department of Environment and Heritage (or its equivalent);
  • Transport SA (or its equivalent);
  • Tourism interests;
  • The Local Government Association of South Australia;
  • Conservation interests;
  • Holders of licenses under the Electricity Act which authorise the operation of networks (Network Licensees);
  • Two Community representatives

The Committee operates under a Charter assigned by the Minister in August 2000.

The Charter defines the scope of PLEC activities, its composition, financial arrangements, reporting requirements and associated administrative processes.

The Committee exists to assist local government with initiatives to enhance the aesthetics of a location by undergrounding power lines. Undergrounding can enable trees to be established and streetscaping projects to be implemented thereby improving the appearance of a locality. The Committee has developed Guidelines which define the roles and responsibilities for PLEC projects and provides guidance to the PLEC process.

The Office of the Technical Regulator is responsible for the administration of PLEC.

PLEC Contact details:

Reinhard Struve
Executive Officer
Power Line Environment Committee

Phone:: 08 8429 3306
Mobile: 0427 007 619