icon-electricity Electricity transmission code variation 2019

  • Project Released: 21 Mar 2019
  • Project Closes: 21 Mar 2019
  • Contact: Rowan McKeown


In October 2018, ElectraNet advised the Commission that it is constructing a new transmission network exit point at Mount Gunson South, to supply the OzMinerals Carrapateena Mine. 

It proposed that a Category 1 reliability standard apply to the exit point. Category 1 is the lowest reliability standard provided for in the Electricity Transmission Code, and is consistent with that applying to other single-customer transmission exit points. 



Current status is Final

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The Commission has made a final decision to accept ElectraNet’s proposal, and therefore to amend the Code to apply a Category 1 reliability standard to the Mount Gunson South exit point. The Commission’s reasons are set out in the final decision.