Corporate governance

ESCOSA strategy image 2020-2023

The role, functions and operation of the Essential Services Commission (Commission) are governed by the Essential Services Commission Act 2002 (and certain other Acts relevant to the public sector in South Australia).

The Commission has a Corporate Governance framework, and supporting policies ensure the Commission complies with its legislative responsibilities and manages the allocation of responsibilities between itself and staff of the Commission.

The Commission’s overall objective is to ensure that it complies with all of the legislation which governs its operations, and that it operates ethically, efficiently and effectively.

This Corporate Governance Framework is the means by which this overall objective can be achieved. It describes clearly to Commissioners, staff and stakeholders what should be expected in terms of processes, accountability, values and behaviours.

Key policies, covering areas such as culture and regulatory approach, strategy and planning, Commission decisions and determinations, delegation of authority, budget and financial reporting, risk management, involvement of Commissioners and human resource management, form the basis of the governance documents.

Further supporting documentation exists which together create a comprehensive governance framework which includes a Charter of consultation and regulatory practice.