Organisation structure

ESCOSA strategy image 2020-2023

The Essential Services Commission (Commission) employs a diverse range of professional and technically qualified staff, with backgrounds in areas including economics, engineering, accounting, human resources, law and information technology.   

The Commission is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace, and through its Diversity Statement, understands that a diverse workforce is essential to the achievement of the Commission’s purpose and primary objective.  Existing corporate policies support the Commission’s internal commitment to workplace diversity, including people living with physical or mental impairment, training and development, and health and wellbeing. The Commission’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan further outlines the Commission’s strategies for achieving accessibility for all members of the wider Community.  

The Commission is set up as a functionally based organisation, rather than industry based. Accordingly, the work groups are not based around particular essential services, but rather around functional areas:

Consumer Protection and Pricing Group

This group is responsible for the all pricing, access, consumer protection and policy matters. The group is also responsible for the development of regulatory instruments (such as industry codes).

Licensing, Monitoring and Reporting Group

This group is responsible for the development and administration of licensing and authorisation arrangements for regulated businesses, regulatory compliance, performance monitoring and reporting (including the development of reporting and related guidelines) and the administration of the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme

Corporate Services Group

This group provides support to the Commission including corporate governance, finance, information technology, legal, administrative, records management, media and communication, strategy and planning, and human resources support.

Research and Advisory

This team is responsible for providing a range of research and advisory services both within the Commission and to broader government covering regulatory, economic and related matters. The team provides a single internal point of contact and management for requests for advice and the undertaking of inquiries.

The functional basis of the Commission is depicted in the Organisation Chart.