Gas licensee information overview

This page provides information for gas licensees on the conditions that apply to licenced operations. This includes requirements in the Gas Act 1997 (Gas Act), regulations, retail licence, codes and guidelines. 

The Gas Act establishes the regulatory framework for the gas industry covering economic regulation, technical regulation and customer complaint handling. The gas supply industry is declared to be a regulated industry for the purpose of the Essential Services Commission Act 2002 (ESC Act). The ESC Act provides the Essential Services Commission (Commission) with broad regulatory powers in relation to regulated industries including price setting, licensing, compliance monitoring and enforcement, making of codes and rules and performance monitoring.

The Commission regulates entities providing the following gas industry operations in South Australia:

gas distribution, and
gas retail. 

Please refer to the following pages for information specific to Australian Gas Networks and/or small-scale gas networks. 

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Licensing news

Final decision on amendments to Cowell Electric’s retail licence, including prepayment by default consumer protections

20 Jun 2022

The Commission has made a final decision on amendments to Cowell Electric’s licence to include consumer protec ...


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