ElectraNet regulatory performance

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General information

ElectraNet is the monopoly service provider of electricity transmission services in South Australia. The electricity transmission network in South Australia extends across approximately 200,000 square kilometres, and includes 88 high voltage substations and 5,600 route kilometres of transmission lines. As a monopoly service provider, ElectraNet is subject to economic regulation in respect of the revenue it is permitted to earn from South Australian consumers. The Australian Energy Regulator is responsible for administering that regulatory regime under the National Electricity Rules.

The Commission has issued to ElectraNet an electricity transmission licence, which authorises it to operate the majority of the transmission network in South Australia. As a licence condition, ElectraNet must comply with the requirements of the Electricity Transmission Code.

The Code forms a part of the broader regulatory framework that applies to electricity transmission services in the National Electricity Market. The National Electricity Rules establish technical standards (dealing with matters such as network frequency, system stability, voltage quality and fault clearance), with the Commission’s role confined to the development and monitoring of jurisdictional service standards, complementing the National Electricity Rules’ technical standards.

Under the Code, ElectraNet must comply with obligations relating to the quality, safety and reliability of electricity transmission services (including minimising supply interruptions and informing customers about planned outages).

It must also use best endeavours to plan, develop and operate the electricity transmission network to meet the standards imposed by the National Electricity Rules in relation to the quality of transmission services and the transmission network.

The Commission monitors and reports on ElectraNet’s compliance with regulatory requirements and takes enforcement action in instances of non-compliance, if necessary. 

Performance outcomes

The Commission publishes annually statistics and summary insights on ElectraNet’s operational performance outcomes including network service and reliability performance compared with historical performance, utilising data provided by ElectraNet.

Network reliability in 2021-22

Based on the data provided, ElectraNet met the reliability standards for all five exit points categories on the transmission network in 2021-22, as it has done each year since 2018, when the current standards were set.

In 2021-22 ElectraNet reported four power system incidents attributed to ElectraNet and four power system incidents attributed to third parties. ElectraNet also reported 2.6 system minutes off supply (SMOS) and one transformer failure.


Transmission line availability for the 2021-22 year was 99.34 percent which is slightly higher than the average historical 10-year transmission line availability is 99.22 percent.




Compliance reviews

While the Commission assesses energy entities performance against annual service standards and reliability standards each year, events may occur during the year that warrant special ad hoc reporting – referred to as Significant Performance Events.

The Commission considers the following criteria in determining whether a Significant Performance Event has occurred:

  • a significant number of customers are affected for a lengthy duration, or there is reason to believe that a significant number of customers may have been affected for a lengthy duration.the event is likely to seriously impact on the licensed entity’s ability to meet one of more of its annual service standard(s) or reliability target(s).
  • the Commission needs to undertake a review to be confident that the licensed entity has complied with its obligations under the relevant industry Code(s).
  • there is strong stakeholder interest, or there is anticipated to be strong stakeholder interest.

The criteria recognise that a balance needs to be struck between reporting on every event and the resources it entails, and meeting stakeholder expectations on the provision of information in such situations.

The Commission has published the following significant event report, in respect of the performance of ElectraNet.