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Railway carriage

 icon-rail SA Rail guidelines

1.0 Intrastate rail access regime: Access information and pricing principles guideline 
Oct 2019
1.0  Intrastate rail access regime: Reporting and compliance guideline  Oct 2019

icon-rail Tarcoola-Darwin Rail codes

AustralAsia Railway (third party access act 1999) code
AustralAsia Railway (third party access code ) clauses 2 and 49 joint ministerial notice

icon-rail Tarcoola-Darwin Rail guidelines

RI 1/2
Guideline No 1 - Access provider reference pricing and service policies Oct 2019
RI 2/3
Guideline No 2 - Relevant pricing principles during Arbitrations
Oct 2019
RI 3/2
Guideline No 3 - Regulatory information requirements Oct 2019
RI 4/1
Guideline No 4 - Compliance systems and reporting Jun 2005


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