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*Customers can access various energy productivity activities through the Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS) by contacting any obliged energy retailer or an associated activity provider, regardless of who they have an energy contract with. 

There are 31 eligible energy productivity activities offered through the REPS that obliged energy retailers may choose to provide. However, generally, not all activities are offered by all activity providers and the activities offered may be subject to change and availability.

Customers are advised to contact the obliged energy retailers or activity providers directly for advice on eligibility and any costs, such as a co-payment, that may be involved with the energy productivity activities provided. 

Obliged energy retailers



AGL SA    13 12 45
Alinta Energy     13 37 02
Diamond Energy 1300 838 009
Energy Locals 1800 186 322
EnergyAustralia     13 34 66
Flow Power 1300 080 608
Group Energy  TBA
Iberdrola Australia  02 8031 9900
Lumo Energy 1300 115 866
Momentum Energy 1800 794 824 
Next Business Energy 1300 466 398 
Origin Energy  13 24 61
Pacific Blue Retail 1800 730 734 
Powershop 1800 462 668
Red Energy 1300 171 768
Shell Energy 13 23 76
Simply Energy    13 88 08
Sumo Energy  03 9102 8400
Zen Energy  1300 936 466

Many obliged energy retailers engage the services of activity providers to undertake REPS activities on their behalf and may refer customers to these activity providers.  

The Commission does not approve or authorise activity providers under the REPS however, it has been advised by obliged energy retailers that the following activity providers currently offer REPS activities on behalf of obliged energy retailers. The obliged energy retailers are responsible for ensuring that these activity providers meet the REPS Code requirements and customers may contact these activity providers directly to arrange REPS activities. 

The details of the various activity providers outlined below are provided for information purposes only to assist customers determine what activity providers may be available. It should not in any way be construed as an endorsement or approval of any specific activity provider by the Commission.

Activity providers

 Provider & activities offered*  Contact Residential activities Commercial activities

AGL Integrated Resources

  • Virtual Power Plant VPP1



AGL Sustainable Energy Business Services

  • Lighting CL1


Demand Manager

  • Heating & cooling HC2A
  • Lighting L1 CL1
  • Standby power controllers SPC1
  • Water heating WH1WH2
  • Install a high efficiency refrigerated display cabinet RDC1

02 9279 4704
0425 428 992
[email protected]

 Y Y


1300 721 335
08 7200 8359

 Y Y

Electric Future Sustainability Services Pty Ltd

  • Lighting CL1

0415 247 642
[email protected]

 N  Y

ELWA Energy Savers

08 8377 6666

 Y Y

Energy Assessors Australia

1300 414 011 
[email protected]

 Y Y

MAC Trade Services


1300 430 917
[email protected]


The Green Guys Group


1300 511 875 





Your Energy Savings Solutions (YESS) 


1300 894 745 
[email protected]


*While various approved activities can be offered under REPS, generally activity providers do not offer all activities. Activities offered may be subject to change and availability.

Customers are able to contact activity providers directly to confirm REPS activities currently offered. 

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