icon-electricity Electricity distribution code clarification

  • Project Released: 16 Jan 2018
  • Project Closes: 16 Jan 2018
  • Contact: Natasha Cheshire


The Commission has varied the Electricity Distribution Code (Code) to clarify the operation of the Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) scheme that applies to SA Power Networks. 



Current status is Final

  • Final


To ensure the GSL scheme operates as intended by the Commission, a variation has been made to the Code to specify ‘stop the clock’ requirements. The variation reflects the Commission’s decisions in 2008 and 2014, and clarifies that when an interruption occurs that is beyond the control of SA Power Networks (eg bushfire, lightning, storm, flood), and it is unsafe to restore supply, it is excluded from the GSL scheme. 

Importantly, the variation to the Code is not a change in Commission policy or position, but seeks to clarify the intended operation of the scheme.

Please refer to the Fact Sheet below for further information.

Additionally, interested parties wishing to provide feedback on SA Power Networks’ reliability standards can make a submission to the 
SA Power Networks 2020 reliability standards review.  The Commission is currently seeking submissions on the objectives and process of the review, by 31 January 2018.  A further opportunity to provide submissions will be available, following the release of draft standards in March 2018.