icon-electricity SA Power Networks 2020 reliability standards review

  • Project Released: 7 Apr 2020
  • Project Closes: Jul 2020
  • Contact: Rowan McKeown


The Commission reviews the jurisdictional service standards that apply to SA Power Networks every five years, prior to the commencement of a new revenue regulation period. The Commission’s standards, established under the Electricity Act 1996, set reliability performance requirements for SA Power Networks.

This review established the reliability standards for SA Power Networks for the 2020-2025 period. The final standards were developed by considering the wide ranging views of stakeholders, including feedback collected through a customer survey. The Commission released its final decision in January 2019.

Electricity Distribution Code EDC/13 and Electricity Guideline No. 1 G1/13 will take affect from 1 July 2020. 



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Further info

The Commission has released draft versions of Electricity Distribution Code EDC/13 and Electricity Guideline No. 1 G1/13, to apply from 1 July 2020, for consultation. The consultation paper  provides a description of the proposed changes to these regulatory instruments.

Changes in the draft Code and draft Guideline reflect the SA Power Networks reliability standards review final decision, made in January 2019, and address several methodological issues that were left open at that time. 

The Commission is seeking input from stakeholders on the draft Code and draft Guideline by 24 April 2020.


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