Gas Overview

The Essential Services Commission Act 2002, together with the Gas Act 1997 and regulations, establishes the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (the Commission) with regulatory powers in relation to regulated industries.

Those powers include the ability to make. rules and guidelines, and to undertake performance monitoring.

Major features of the regulatory regime include:

  • Establishment of the Essential Services Commission, with specified regulatory powers in relation to the gas supply industry, and with significant independence from Government. The Commission is established as a general regulator, to enable other industries to be referred to it in the future as appropriate.
  • The principal functions and powers of the Commission in relation to the gas supply industry include:
    • administering the licensing of gas distribution entities;
    • monitoring the performance of licensed entities (eg, as part of ensuring compliance with licence conditions) and report on such performance;
    • making industry codes to regulate the behavior of licensed entities.

The Energy and Water Ombudsman SA scheme (EWOSA scheme) has also been established to provide customers of distribution and retail businesses with an alternative dispute resolution mechanism.

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