icon-water Guideline No 1 - Compliance and reporting

WG1/05 Guideline No 1 July 2020
WG1/04 Guideline No 1
 Jul 2016
WG1/03 Guideline No 1 Jul 2015
WG1/02 Guideline No 1 Jul 2013
WG1/01 Guideline No 1 Jan 2013


icon-water Guideline No 2 - Information requirements for major retailers

WG2/04 Sep 2020

Jul 2016
Aug 2016

WG2/02 Oct 2013
WG2/01 Jan 2013


icon-water Guideline No 3 - Information requirements for minor and intermediate retailers

WG3/04 Jul 2015
WG3/03 Aug 2014
WG3/02 Apr 2014
WG3/01 Jun 2013

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