ESCOSA content icon Electricity generation licence application - Tailem Bend 2 Project Company Pty Ltd

  • Project Released: 11 Aug 2022
  • Project Closes: Nov 2022
  • Contact: Adam Abrahams Zelko


Tailem Bend 2 Project Company Pty Ltd is seeking an electricity generation licence to operate a 41.5MW Battery Energy Storage Solution and 87MW solar generating plant, located near Tailem Bend.



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The Commission has received an application from Tailem Bend 2 Project Company Pty Ltd (Tailem Bend 2) for an Electricity Generation Licence in accordance with the Electricity Act 1996. The applicant is seeking to operate a 41.5 megawatt (MW) Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS) and 87MW solar generating plant, located approximately 2km south-east of Tailem Bend. 

The application was originally submitted by Vena Energy Services (Australia) Pty Ltd, a related entity of Tailem Bend 2. Tailem Bend 2 has since taken over as the applicant and the May 2022 application made by Vena Energy is no longer proceeding. 

The Commission considers the application against the relevant provisions set out in the Electricity Act. It will also have regard to its primary objective under the Essential Services Commission Act 2002, being the protection of the long-term interests of South Australian consumers with respect to the price, quality and reliability of essential services, and other factors as they apply to the Commission's role as an economic regulator of the South Australian electricity industry.

In making its assessment, the Commission considers advice from the Office of the Technical Regulator and the Australian Energy Market Operator. Matters related to health and environment protection are regulated under separate legislative frameworks.

The application is subject to a public consultation period closing on 7 September 2022. The Commission welcomes submissions on any matters relevant to the application.

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