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  • Project Released: Jun 2007
  • Project Closes: Aug 2023
  • Contact: Jasmine Pedicini


As part of the Commission’s licensing function, it has the power to vary (or add to) conditions that are imposed on a licence it has issued. Specifically, under section 27 of the Electricity Act 1996, the Commission has the power to vary a licence at any time, subject to statutory procedural requirements, including providing a licensee with reasonable notice of a proposed variation and allowing it the opportunity to make representations on that variation. 



Current status is Final

  • Final


Variation dated 10 Aug 2023 (Amendment number ESCOSA05) 

As part of the small-scale energy networks consumer protection framework review, which concluded on 21 June 2023, the Small-scale Electricity Networks Code was established and came into effect on 1 July 2023.

The implementation of this code requires variations to individual electricity licences, to remove outdated consumer protection obligations that are now covered by the relevant industry code. 

Further variations were also made to reinstate omitted mandatory conditions and to update the wording of relevant conditions and definitions.

A summary of the licence variation is shown in Table 1 below.

Clause Variation
Existing clause 7 Ombudsman and disputes Varied to update Australian Standard reference
Existing clause 13 Quality of Supply
Varied to include reference to successor standards
Existing clauses 13, 16-17 Chapter 2 Distribution conditions
Removed as now contained in Small-scale Electricity Networks Code
Existing clauses 19-29, 31-42 Chapter 3 Connection, sale and supply conditions
Removed as now contained in Small-scale Electricity Networks Code
New clause 10 Operational and compliance audits
Reinstated mandatory condition inadvertently removed as part of implementation verified trust and accountability (VTA) regulatory approach


The Commission assessed the variations against the relevant provisions of the Electricity Act 1996 and the Essential Services Commission Act 2002 and determined that all relevant criteria under those Acts have been satisfied. It has therefore approved the variations. 

Application history


Variation – Apr 2022

Amendment number: ESCOSA04 (variation dated 27 Apr 2022)
On 26 April 2022, the Commission initiated the next steps in implementing the Inquiry into regulatory arrangements for small-scale and off grid energy services. This included variations to licence conditions to reflect the varied reporting arrangements, together with administrative updates. 


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Further information 

The current licence may be accessed on the licence register or refer to the publications below for additional information. Please email [email protected] if you have any further licensing related queries.

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