ESCOSA content iconElectricity generation licence application - HWF 2 Pty Ltd

  • Project Released: 8 Aug 2016
  • Project Closes: Feb 2017
  • Contact: Julie Dixon


The Commission has received an application from HWF 2 Pty Ltd for an electricity generation licence. The applicant is seeking to a operate 32 wind turbines at a capped capacity of 100MW.


Current status is Final

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  • Final


The Commission has issued an electricity generation licence, to HWF 2 Pty Ltd (HWF 2), authorising it to operate 32 wind turbines at a capped capacity of 100MW.

The licence contains the mandatory conditions required under the Electricity Act 1996, the standard additional technical conditions which the Commission places on all wind-powered electricity generators in South Australia and two new additional technical conditions relating to frequency disturbances and provision of frequency control ancillary services.

The Commission’s standard additional technical conditions for wind-powered generators require HWF 2 to meet higher performance standards than under the National Electricity Rules with respect to fault ride through capability and reactive power capability. The conditions also impose requirements in relation to central dispatch, wind forecasting and ancillary services. The Commission has imposed additional technical conditions on all wind-powered electricity generators in South Australia since 2005.

The two new additional licence conditions means that for the first time, a wind-powered electricity generator will have the capability to provide regulation and contingency frequency control ancillary services to the National Electricity Market. Further, HWF 2 will have better capability to withstand high rate of change of frequency (RoCoF) events.

The Commission assessed HWF 2’s application for an electricity generation licence against the relevant provisions of the Electricity Act 1996 and the Essential Services Commission Act 2002 and determined that, with the inclusion of the two sets of additional licence conditions, all relevant criteria under those Acts have been satisfied.

HWF 2 applied to the Commission for an electricity generation licence on 5 August 2016. The Commission undertook a round of public consultation in relation to the application and received no submissions from stakeholders. In making its assessment, the Commission sought technical advice from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

A copy of the HWF 2 licence and AEMO's advice may be accessed below.