icon-inquiry Inquiry into regulatory arrangements for small-scale and off-grid water, gas and electricity services

  • Project Released: 15 Aug 2016
  • Project Closes: Feb 2021
  • Contact: Sean McComish


The Commission has formed the view that an inquiry into the way in which it regulates small-scale utility operations is necessary and desirable at this time to ensure that the regulatory frameworks it applies under industry regulation Acts is consistent with its primary statutory objective, and is proportionate and responsive to recent and emerging issues.

The Commission is to inquire into appropriate regulatory arrangements (including subsidiary regulatory instruments such as industry codes) and price regulation arrangements to apply in relation to small-scale water supplies, sewerage services, non-national market electricity and reticulated Liquid Petroleum Gas supplies (small scale water, sewerage and energy services), for the purposes of carrying out its functions.


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The Commission has published a Draft Inquiry Report which proposes reforms to the regulatory framework for small-scale and off-grid water, sewerage and energy services in South Australia. These proposed reforms are designed to encourage service providers to be more customer-focused, in order to deliver the price-service-quality mix valued by customers at the lowest sustainable cost, with those licensees able to do so benefiting from reduced regulatory reporting requirements. The proposed reforms also place a greater emphasis by the Commission on ensuring services are being delivered in a sustainable manner. If implemented, the proposed reforms would result in a regulatory framework which is targeted and flexible, and that places the accountability of providing a valued and sustainable service with the licensee. 

The proposed approach has been informed by submissions to the June 2019 Framework and Approach paper, which are referenced in the Draft Inquiry Report and accompanying Responses to Framework and Approach Paper Submissions paper. The Commission looks forward to continuing engagement with stakeholders through the next steps of this Inquiry, with submissions closing on Friday, 2 October 2020.

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