SA Consumer Experts Panel

The Consumer Experts Panel draws on the collective knowledge, skills, expertise and experience of Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee and SA Water’s customer advisory groups, sitting jointly as a Consumer Experts Panel.

The Commission acknowledges and recognises the value that members of those committees bring to the regulatory system in this State, developed through some 20 years of utility regulatory experience. We want to ensure that we capture and support that value, and to provide a meaningful and ongoing role for consumer representatives and advocates in South Australian regulatory processes.

The key purpose of the Consumer Experts Panel will be to allow members to identify and raise the issues that are important to the customers they represent. The Commission will provide members with the resources and opportunity to have their views heard through a more efficient, effective and inclusive regulatory consultation process, including the capacity to commission research (through the Commission), on relevant areas of inquiry which would benefit the SAW RD20 review process and the outcomes for SA Water’s customers and the community.

The evidence, and other outputs, from these joint issue identification and prioritisation exercises will be provided to SA Water’s Board and to the Negotiation Forum and will be a critical input to the SAW RD20 process. The Consumer Experts Panel will help to ensure that the proposed business plan that SA Water submits to the Commission has been prepared with a sound understanding of the key issues raised by members.