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The Minister for Energy and Mining (Minister) has the function of maintaining, reviewing and amending the list of eligible Energy Efficiency Activities (including energy savings values and minimum specifications) for the purposes of the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES).

The Minister has approved a REES Ministerial Protocol that guides the Minister in determining the range of approved energy efficiency activities and sets out reporting requirements for the Commission in its role as scheme administrator.

Effective from 20 July 2020, in response to the impact upon REES activities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, changes have been made to the commercial lighting upgrade specification CL1. The 900 GJ limit has been raised to 1,800 GJ and, where it can be demonstrated the lamps being replaced have not previously been installed for the purposes of REES, CL1 can be delivered twice per premises.  Please refer to the Activity Specification below for further information.


Energy efficiency activities (from 1 January 2018)

Activity specifications



Building sealing


Heating and cooling

 Water heating


Stand-by power


Alternative method

In-home display

There are general specifications that apply to all the approved REES energy efficiency activities as well as the minimum specifications included under each activity.

Each energy retailer participating in the scheme decides on what mix of these energy efficiency activities it will undertake to meet its REES targets. It is therefore likely that an energy retailer will not offer all of the above activities at any particular time.

Consumers can contact any of the obliged energy retailers in South Australia, not just their current energy retailer, to find out what activities energy retailers are currently offering. Energy retailers may contract out their energy efficiency activities to third-party contractors, and you may also contact these third-party contractors directly.

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