Obliged retailers and third-party contractors (Archive)

REES electricity

The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) which ran from 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2020, has been replaced by Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS).

Part 4 of the Electricity (General) Regulations 2012 and Part 4 of the Gas Regulations 2012 set the thresholds for determining whether an energy retailer operating in South Australia has a REES obligation in a year. In accordance with the Regulations, the Commission determines what each energy retailers’ REES targets are each year.

The following energy retailers have an obligation under REES for the 2020 year.



AGL SA    13 12 45
Alinta Energy     13 37 02
amaysim (trading as Click Energy) 
amaysim (trading as amaysim Energy) 
1800 775 929
 1300 808 300 
Energy Australia     13 34 66
Lumo Energy 1300 115 866
M2 Energy (trading as Commander Power and Gas)
M2 Energy (trading as Dodo Power and Gas)
1300 857 073
1300 374 757
Momentum Energy 1800 794 824 
Origin Energy  13 24 61
Powerdirect 1300 307 966
Simply Energy    13 88 08
Tango Energy (formerly Pacific Hydro)  1800 010 648


Each energy retailer participating in the REES decides on what mix of approved energy efficiency activities it will undertake to meet its energy efficiency targets.

To find out what activities energy retailers are currently offering, you can contact any of the obliged energy retailers listed above, not just the retailer currently supplying you. Energy retailers may contract out their energy audits and energy efficiency activities to third-party contractors, you may also contact these third party contractors directly (see below).

Third party contractors

Many obliged retailers use the services of third party contractors to undertake activities on their behalf and may refer you to those contractors to organise energy efficiency activities and/or an energy audit in your home.

Third party contractors do not require authorisation from the Commission, with retailers obligated to ensure contractors meet the REES Code requirements. Nevertheless, the Commission is aware that the following contractors provide REES related energy efficiency activities and/or energy audits. Please note that the services available through each provider are likely to differ or change from time to time, and not all energy efficiency activities may be offered. To confirm the availability of services for a particular provider, please contact the provider directly on the details set out below.

Provider  Contact Residential activities Residential energy audits  Commercial activities

Trade Services SA
(formerly AGL Smarter Living)

 1300 430 917    Y      Y
Demand Manager 02 9279 4704 0425 428 992
 Y      Y

1300 721 335  Y      Y
ELWA Energy Savers 08 8377 6666  Y N     Y
Energy Assessors Australia  1300 414 011   Y Y     Y
Green Home Green Planet

1300 962 218

 Y N      Y

13 53 37

 N     Y
Your Energy Savings Solutions (YESS)

1300 894 745

 Y     Y