SA Power Networks' operational and performance monitoring

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Operational performance reports

The Commission publishes information on SA Power Networks’ operational performance against the annual service standard targets and other indicators specified in the Electricity Distribution Code.  

Customer service

Under the Commission’s Service Standards Framework, SA Power Networks is required to report on average response times to customer enquiries and provide advice on certain matters within specified timeframes on an annual basis. Quarterly performance provides an indication of general performance in regard to the annual performance targets.

Guaranteed service levels

The Electricity Distribution Code provides for a Guaranteed Service Level (GSL) regime. Under this regime, if SA Power Networks does not meet a pre-determined standard of service, it triggers a payment to the affected customer(s). The GSLs relate to the timeliness of certain actions by SA Power Networks (e.g. repair of street lights that have gone out; restoration of electricity supply after an interruption).

Network reliability performance

The Commission monitors and reports on SA Power Networks’ reliability of supply performance, as measured by supply interruptions. The key interruption metrics used are duration of interruptions (System Average Interruption Duration Index, SAIDI); and frequency of interruptions (System Average Interruption Frequency Index, SAIFI). Network performance targets are set to reflect differences in the levels of interconnection and redundancy in SA Power Networks’ physical network across the state. From July 2015 SA Power Networks’ feeders are divided into four broad categories for the purposes of monitoring network reliability:

  • CBD
  • Urban
  • Short Rural
  • Long Rural

The Electricity Distribution Code specifies ‘best endeavours’ SAIDI and SAIFI targets for SA Power Networks that are ceilings, such that SA Power Networks’ actual performance should not exceed them. The ‘best endeavours’ element of the targets reflect the fact that, in cases where actual performance falls short of the target,  SA Power Networks must satisfy the Commission that that it has used its best endeavours in its attempt to stay within the bounds of the target.

Historical performance reports

2019 quarterly reports
2018 quarterly reports
2017 quarterly reports
2016 quarterly reports
2015 quarterly reports