icon-gas Australian Gas Networks regulatory framework review 2021-2026

  • Project Released: 2 Jul 2019
  • Project Closes: Jan 2020
  • Contact: Tamsyn Hinksman


The Commission reviews the effectiveness of its regulatory framework for Australia Gas Networks every five years, prior to the commencement of a new revenue regulation period by the Australian Energy Regulator.

Any change to the regulatory framework will apply to Australian Gas Networks from 1 July 2021.



Current status is Initiate

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  • Submissions
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This review will determine whether jurisdictional service reliability standards are required to ensure Australian Gas Networks (AGN) is providing gas distribution services at the quality and reliability levels valued by customers. It will also remove any duplication or inconsistencies between the Commission’s Gas Distribution Code, Gas Metering Code and the regulatory requirements made under the national gas legislation and the National Energy Consumer Framework.

The Commission has published a Consultation Paper to initiate this Review, it contains the following proposals:

  • Jurisdictional service reliability standards are not required and need not be introduced (noting that we do not currently set any). An initial review of AGN’s performance for the current regulatory period suggests that the gas leakage management requirements set by the Technical Regulator appear to be sufficient to deliver the reliability outcomes valued by AGN’s customers.
  • A continuation of AGN’s current performance monitoring and reporting regime, which affords public transparency around performance and provides the Commission with the data necessary to monitor long-term trends in reliability. 
  • Minor amendments to the Gas Distribution Code and the Gas Metering Code, to reflect changes in the legislative and regulatory frameworks that have occurred since the last review.

Stakeholders are invited to provide submissions on these proposals by Friday, 26 July 2019. 

This Consultation Paper should be considered alongside AGN’s wider stakeholder consultation process. Further details are available at: https://www.australiangasnetworks.com.au/our-business/have-your-say 

The Commission plans to release a Draft Decision in October 2019 and a Final Decision in January 2020.


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