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Entities wishing to apply for a South Australian licence should read Advisory Bulletin No 4/8which outlines the procedure for the issuing of licences.

To apply for a South Australian licence, entities must complete and submit the one of the following separate application forms for each type of licence that can be issued by the Commission.




Following receipt of a complete application and the payment of the application fee (as applicable), the Commission will conduct public consultation of a minimum of four weeks. The Commission will consider any submissions received and where appropriate, seek further information from the applicant to inform its assessment of the application. Applicants should allow 12 weeks for a completed licence application to be assessed.

Please note that, if an incomplete application is submitted or if further substantiating information is required, the Commission will seek further information from the applicant. The 12 week assessment process will only commence once all relevant information has been provided. You are therefore encouraged to contact the Commission at an early stage to understand any information requirements which may be relevant to your application.

For information on the fees applicable to your licence refer to Licence fees.


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