Project Status
icon-inquiry Competitive neutrality – provision of advice
icon-gas Australian Gas Networks regulatory framework review 2021-2026
icon-inquiry Inquiry into regulatory arrangements for small-scale and off-grid water, gas and electricity services
icon-inquiry Local government rate oversight system – Consultation paper
icon-gas Gas distribution licence application – Enwave Tonsley
icon-gas Variation to gas retail licence– Elgas Limited
icon-inquiry Inquiry into the South Australian bulk grain export supply chain costs
icon-inquiry Inquiry into reliability and quality of electricity supply on the Eyre Peninsula
icon-inquiry Inquiry into the licensing arrangements for generators in South Australia
icon-gas Request for approval of a new distribution system - Australian Gas Networks Ltd
icon-energy Review of NECF in South Australia
icon-gas Australian Gas Networks' jurisdictional service standards for the 2016-2021 regulatory period
icon-gas Amendment to Gas Industry Guideline No 1
icon-water Inquiry into drinking water and sewerage retail services pricing reform
icon-gas Gas standing contract price path inquiry 2011
icon-water Potable water and sewerage pricing processes inquiry 2010-2011
icon-water Water and wastewater pricing processes inquiry 2009-2010
icon-rail South Australian rail access regime inquiry 2009
icon-gas Regulatory arrangements for reticulated LPG networks
icon-water Water and wastewater pricing processes inquiry 2008-2009