ESCOSA content icon Subsequent determination to vary 2013-17 price determination for minor and intermediate retailers

  • Project Released: 25 May 2017
  • Project Closes: 28 Jun 2017
  • Contact: Amber Miller


Commission has varied the 2013-2017 Price Determination for Minor and Intermediate Water Retailers by extending the term of this determination for a further 12 months, to 30 June 2018.


Current status is Final

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In June 2013, the Commission made a price determination to apply to minor and intermediate water retailers until 30 June 2017 (Price Determination).

The Commission is currently undertaking an Inquiry into the regulatory arrangements to apply to small-scale and off-grid water, gas and electricity suppliers (Inquiry). The Inquiry is ongoing with an anticipated completion date in early 2018.

The Commission has determined to extend the term of the Price Determination by a further 12 months, to 30 June 2018.  This extension will allow the Commission to undertake public consultation on any proposed changes to the current regulatory framework applying to minor and intermediate water retailers through the Inquiry process and assist with the transition to any adopted changes taking effect.

While the Commission also proposed an amendment to the reporting requirements contained in the Price Determination, having regard to the submissions it received on this proposal, it

has determined to retain the current wording at this stage.