icon-water Decision to make a price determination to apply to Robusto Investments Pty Ltd (trading as Compass Springs)

  • Project Released: 7 Jan 2020
  • Project Closes: Apr 2021
  • Contact: Mark Caputo


Robusto Investments Pty Ltd (Robusto) is proposing to increase its drinking water prices to apply to approximately 170 customers at Mount Compass, approximately 50km south of Adelaide.

The Commission has determined that, based on information provided by Robusto to date, there is insufficient evidence to demonstrate that its proposed prices are based on efficient costs. The Commission will therefore commence a transparent and consultative process to make a price determination that will apply separately to Robusto, as distinct from the existing price determination that applies to minor and intermediate water retailers.



Current status is Submissions

  • Initiate
  • Draft
  • Submissions
  • Final


Public submissions to the draft determination applying to Robusto Investments Pty Ltd are now available under the submissions tab below.  

More than 35 submissions (public and confidential) were received. 29 public submissions have been published on the Commission’s website.

In accordance with the Commission’s submission policy, the Commission can exercise discretion not to exhibit any submission, wholly or partly, based on their length or content.


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