ESCOSA content iconWastewater pricing processes inquiry 2004-2005

  • Project Released: 16 Aug 2004
  • Project Closes: 29 Nov 2004
  • Contact: Nathan Petrus


Pursuant to section 35(1) of the ESC Act, the Treasurer referred to the Commission an inquiry into 2004-2005 wastewater pricing processes. In undertaking the inquiry, the Commission considered a document "Transparency statement - wastewater prices in South Australia 2004-05" dated June 2004.


Current status is Final

  • Initiate
  • Final


On 13 October 2004, the Commission forwarded to the Treasurer the "Final report - inquiry into 2004-2005 wastewater pricing process". The Commission's report forms Part B of the transparency statement.

The Government's response is Part C. As required by the Act, the final report was tabled in both Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 24 November 2004.