ESCOSA content iconWater and wastewater pricing processes inquiry 2006-2007

  • Project Released: 15 Sep 2005
  • Project Closes: 30 Nov 2005
  • Contact: Nathan Petrus


Pursuant to section 35(1) of the ESC Act, the Treasurer referred to the Commission an inquiry into 2006-2007 water and wastewater pricing processes. In undertaking the inquiry, the Commission considered a document "Transparency statement - water and wastewater prices in metropolitan and regional South Australia 2006-07" dated August 2005.


Current status is Final

  • Initiate
  • Final


On 30 November 2005, the Commission forwarded to the Treasurer and the Minister for Administrative Services the "Final report - inquiry into 2006-2007 metropolitan and regional water and wastewater pricing process".

As required by the Act, the final report was released on 28 December 2005.

Subsequent to that the Government has released its formal response to the Commission's report (Part C).