icon-electricity Licensing arrangements for generators in South Australia

  • Project Released: 3 Jun 2019
  • Project Closes: Dec 2019
  • Contact: Abe Abdallah


Improvements to technical standards in the National Electricity Rules (Rules) mean that some of the Essential Services Commission’s (Commission) 2017 model licence conditions for new generators may be redundant. The Commission has sought stakeholder comment on the potential removal of certain conditions.  


Current status is Final

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The Commission’s final decision is to cease imposing 12 of the current 15 model technical licence conditions for electricity generators. These were introduced following the Commission’s 2017 Inquiry into the technical licence conditions applying to electricity generators seeking to connect to the South Australian power system. The three conditions to be retained are condition 9 (disturbance ride-through – voltage phase angle shift), condition 11 (system strength) and condition 16 (system restoration).

These changes only relate to the 15 licence conditions introduced in 2017 and are effective from the date of release of this Final decision. The changes apply for new generator licence applications from 13 December 2019. The conditions in place within existing licences remain unchanged. Proponents of licence applications currently being processed can choose whether to re-apply.