icon-electricity Licensing arrangements for generators in South Australia

  • Project Released: 3 Jun 2019
  • Project Closes: Oct 2019
  • Contact: Abe Abdallah


Improvements to technical standards in the National Electricity Rules (Rules) mean that some of the Essential Services Commission’s (Commission) 2017 model licence conditions for new generators may be redundant. The Commission has sought stakeholder comment on the potential removal of certain conditions.  


Current status is Submissions

  • Initiate
  • Submissions
  • Draft
  • Submissions
  • Final


The Commission has received four submissions on the consultation paper and AEMO’s advice into the review of the current 2017 model licence conditions for generators in South Australia. The Commission thanks those who provided submissions to the consultation paper and those who have made contact with the Commission to discuss the review. The Commission will consider all submissions and representations as it prepares its Draft Decision.

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