ESCOSA content iconWater retail code and monitoring and evaluating performance framework

  • Project Released: 16 June 2023
  • Project Closes: Jun 2024
  • Contact: Lissa Arcoverde


As part of the Regulatory Determination 2024-28 (RD24) for SA Water, the Commission is undertaking a review of the Water Retail Code - Major Retailers WRC-MR/03 and the SA Water Monitoring and Evaluating Performance Framework



Current status is Submissions

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  • Submissions
  • Final


The Commission received five submissions on the Water Retail Code and Monitoring and Evaluating Performance Framework Issues Paper. The Commission received three responses to the survey posted on YourSAy.

The Commission thanks those who provided submissions to the Issues Paper.

The Commission has considered all submissions and representations in its draft decision for SA Water’s Regulatory Determination 2024 - 2028.  Further information on the draft decision is available on the SAWRD24 project page