ESCOSA content iconAustralAsia Railway (Third Party Access) Code: guideline review

  • Project Released: 15 Nov 2007
  • Project Closes: 23 Sep 2008
  • Contact: Peter Lim


In 2006, on behalf of the responsible SA & NT Ministers, the Commission conducted a review of the rail access regime set out in the AustralAsia Railway ('Third Party Access') Code ('the Code'), which is itself a schedule to the AustralAsia Railway (Third Party Access) Act 1999 (SA & NT).

While no changes to the Code resulted from this ministerial review, the Commission identified in its report that it would, after that review, examine the various guidelines it had made under the Code to ensure they remain up-to-date and relevant.

The Commission's review of the guidelines, conducted pursuant to clause 45A(1) of the Code, commenced in November 2007 with the public release of an issues paper.

The Commission's draft decision on proposed changes to the guidelines was released in May 2008. The Commission's final decision, along with an amended rail Guideline No. 2, was released in September 2008.


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The Commission released its final decision on the review of Guidelines issued under the AustralAsia Railway (Third Party) Access Code.

The Commission concluded that it is appropriate to make amendments to Rail Guideline No. 2, to set out arrangements for rolling forward the Tarcoola-Darwin Railway asset value. This amendment addresses the lack of clarity on the asset values to be adopted for arbitrated pricing purposes, where there is no sustainable competitive price.