ESCOSA content icon Charter of consultation and regulatory practice - review

  • Project Released: 24 May 2019
  • Project Closes: Nov 2019
  • Contact: Linda South


The Commission’s Charter of Consultation and Regulatory Practice is under review to ensure it reflects our current approach to regulation and consultation.


Current status is Final

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  • Submissions
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In 2019, the Commission undertook a review of its Charter to ensure that it reflected the Commission’s current approach to regulation and consultation. The review aimed to simplify the Charter, while ensuring it reflected the current approach of:

  • promoting better regulation principles in our regulatory practice
  • taking a principles-based approach to stakeholder engagement, and 
  • promoting fit-for-purpose engagement.

The draft Charter released for consultation in May 2019, and following feedback from stakeholders, the final decision and Charter have now been published.

The Commission again thanks stakeholders for their submissions to this review.