icon-rail South Australian rail access regime review 2020

  • Project Released: 5 Feb 2020
  • Project Closes: Sep 2020
  • Contact: Vashti Maher


Access to South Australia intrastate rail infrastructure services is available to accredited rail operators under the terms of the Railways (Operations and Access) Act 1997. The Act assigns regulatory functions to the Commission and requires that the Commission review the regime and form a view as to whether or not it should continue from 31 October 2020 for five years. The Commission must provide a report and conclusions to the Minister for Planning, Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government.


Current status is Draft

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The Commission has released a draft report proposing the continuation of the South Australian intrastate rail access regime from 31 October 2020. The draft finding is based on submissions and stakeholder feedback, and the Commission’s own research. The draft report also identifies some potential improvements to the regime that may merit further consideration, including:

  • online publication of the information brochure, 
  • the introduction of a consultative mechanism by which rail infrastructure services can be declared
  • strengthening the arbitration mechanism by allowing an arbitrator to make an interim order on access prices, terms and conditions if parties are renegotiating an agreement that is soon to expire.

The Commission is calling for further submissions and feedback in response to the issues raised in the draft report, and will consider those responses in preparing a final report.

Submissions are due by 20 July 2020. The Commission plans to release a final report in September 2020.


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