SA Water Regulatory Determination 2020 external post-project review report released for further stakeholder feedback - Archived

04 Dec 2020


The Commission engaged Dr Patrick Walsh, a former Chairperson of the Commission, to conduct a post-project review to gather stakeholders views on the process used to undertake SA Water Regulatory Determination 2020 (SAWRD20).

Dr Walsh’s report presents a comprehensive account of the views expressed by stakeholders through interviews undertaken with stakeholders between August and October 2020. Those stakeholders included SA Water, consumer representatives, other bodies regulating aspects of SA Water’s operations, and the State Government.

The Commission thanks all stakeholders for being generous with their time and is grateful for the robust responses provided.

The feedback provided through Dr Walsh’s report will be used to assist the Commission to establish the framework and approach to be used for the next regulatory determination for SA Water, to apply from 1 July 2024 (SAWRD24).

The Commission is intending to hold a series of stakeholder workshops to agree on the issues that need resolving and to identify and discuss options for resolving those issues.

Following this round of consultation, the Commission will release a draft Framework and Approach paper, for public consultation, early in 2021.

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