Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme: annual reporting requirements

13 Jan 2022

The Commission has published REPS Bulletin 14 – Annual reporting requirements and reporting template, detailing annual reporting requirements for obliged REPS retailers. 

In 2021, the Commission consulted with stakeholders regarding reporting requirements under REPS. Details of that consultation are available at Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme: Reporting requirements consultation.

In line with Ministerial direction, the Commission’s REPS annual report is to include information on the following: 

  • the costs of each type of activity being delivered
  • Individual costs for the majority of eligible REPS activities
  • competition in activity delivery
  • any identified barriers to competition, and
  • the delivery of eligible activities.

To enable this reporting, obliged retailers are required to submit certain information annually. Reporting is by REPS calendar year with returns to be provided to the Commission no later than 31 January following the relevant calendar year, on the specified template.

Please refer to REPS bulletin no. 14 – Annual reporting requirements for further information and for the reporting template.