2019 Ports Price Monitoring Report

03 Feb 2020

The Commission has released the 2019 Ports Price Monitoring Report, providing information on price movements for Essential Maritime Services (EMS) and pilotage services across six of Flinders Ports' commercial ports.

The report shows that the average prices for EMS and Pilotage Services have both increased in 2019-20. Wage increases associated with Enterprise Bargaining Agreements, along with increases to Navigational Service prices resulting from information technology investments and the gradual recovery of capital costs associated with new pilot vessels for Pilotage Services were the key drivers underpinning the price increases.

As a result of the $80 million Port Adelaide Outer Harbor channel widening project, the channel levy for full containers (both 20 and 40 foot sizes) increased by 314 percent. For 20 foot containers the levy increased from $6.50 in 2018-19 to $26.90 in 2019-20 and for 40 foot containers it increased from $13.00 in 2018-19 to $53.80 in 2019-20.

Overall price movements 2019-20a
Port service Overall price increase %   
Cargo (EMS) 1.6
 Navigational (EMS) 2.8
 Harbour (EMS)  fixed component 3.2 
 variable component 1.3 
 Channel levy (EMS) b  grain 1.3 
 containers c  314
 Pilotage  3.7
  • a The prices presented in this table are aggregated groupings of a number of other charges. The full list of  charges and the price schedule is available on Flinders Ports’ website.
  • b Levies apply to Port Adelaide only.
  • c Channel levy applies only to full containers loaded and discharged at the Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal.
Ports users are able to negotiate commercial prices with Flinders Ports. The standard price increases may therefore not be reflective of the actual prices paid by all ports users.