Small-scale energy and water networks regulatory performance outcomes 2021-22

22 May 2023


The Commission has released the small-scale energy and water networks regulatory performance outcomes 2021-22.

  • Eighty-seven small-scale network licensees have reported under the verified trust and accountability (VTA) regulatory approach which formally commenced 1 July 2022. Of the 87 licensees, 18 provided additional information as required by the Commission as they are categorised as Category B. Please refer to the Licensee categorisation methodology - fact sheet, for further information on the categorisation of licensees under the VTA regulatory approach.
  • Ninety ‘Material Service Issues’ were reported for 2021-22 although many were noted to have a minimal impact on the service level of the networks.
  • The largest number of ‘Material Service Issues’ was reported by Cowell Electric Supply Pty Ltd (Cowell Electric) which reported 34 in 2021-22. All issues related to unplanned outages with 27 of those being unplanned outages lasting longer than 12 hours, each affecting from one to 202 customers. The main cause was listed as ‘weather related failure’.
  • Cowell Electric was categorised as Category B in 2021-22, because there were concerns regarding network performance and so it was required to report additional information in this area. Its additional reporting demonstrates that it is taking reasonable steps to improve performance in this area, however, staff will continue to monitor its performance.
  • No systemic material service issues were identified other than those identified in the initial assessments as part of the VTA regulatory approach. However, staff will continue to monitor compliance to ensure that material service issues are reported accurately and in a timely fashion.
  • In 2021-22, no material non-compliances were reported. The Commission will continue to work with, and monitor, all licensees for emerging issues as they arise.

Performance outcomes