Review of small-scale water and energy network reporting requirements and prepayment by default consumer protections

04 Dec 2023


The Commission is undertaking a review of Guideline No. 5 - Regulatory Reporting Requirements for Small-scale Networks (Guideline 5). Feedback is sought from stakeholders on the current reporting obligations contained in Guideline 5 and any potential amendments.

The Commission is also undertaking a review of its prescribed customer consumer protections. Prescribed customers are residential customers in the remote Aboriginal communities and associated homelands in Pukatja (formerly Ernabella), Mimili, Pipalyatjara, Amata, Indulkana (also known as Iwantja), Yalata, Oak Valley and Kaltjiti (formerly Fregon) communities. These customers are currently provided with electricity by Cowell Electric Supply Pty Ltd via mandatory prepayment in accordance with the Electricity (General) (Payment Condition) Variation Regulations 2021. Feedback is sought from stakeholders on the Commission’s consumer protections for prescribed customers contained in Schedule 2 of Cowell Electric’s licence and the current reporting metrics for prescribed customers.  

Written submissions are invited by 2 February 2024 and can be sent to [email protected].  The Commission also welcomes meetings with stakeholders regarding this review.

For further information, please visit the project page.


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