Electricity generation licence exemption – Virtual PP operations, EV charging and Sub 5MW operators

03 Dec 2021

Following the approval of the Minister for Energy and Mining, Hon D van Holst Pellekaan MP, the Commission has granted an exemption from the requirement to hold a licence to persons who carry on virtual power plant (VPP) operations, electric vehicle (EV) charging station operations and the generation of electricity in South Australia utilising generating plant that have a rated nameplate output of five megawatts or less (Sub 5MW Operators). A copy of these exemptions can be accessed below.

As a result of the exemptions, VPP, EV and Sub 5MW Operators who do not already hold a licence will not need to obtain and maintain a licence from the Commission.

This exemption will remain in effect until 30 November 2023 (unless there is a need for the Commission or Minister to revoke the exemption on an earlier date).  During this time, the Department of Energy and Mining will be reviewing the licensing framework set out in by the Electricity Act 1996 to determine if changes are required, including whether a permanent exemption for VPP, EV and Sub 5MW Operators is warranted. The Department will shortly release an Issues Paper for stakeholder consultation.  

For the period of the exemption, the Commission will place any current licence applications on hold and no further action is required. 

For all questions regarding the exemptions, please contact the Commission licensing inbox at licensing@escosa.sa.gov.au.  

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