Local Government Advice – Implementation update

12 Sep 2022


The Commission has released an update regarding the implementation of the Local Government Advice Scheme under the Local Government Act 1999

By 15 August 2022, the 15 councils participating in the scheme in year one were required to submit to the Commission information on current strategic management plans, financial sustainability and audit outcomes. That milestone is now complete, with all 15 councils submitting the required information.

The Commission appreciates councils’ engagement and thanks councils for providing the information requested in a timely and efficient manner. 

By 30 September, councils are to provide information on material amendments to strategic management plans, revenue sources and an updated financial reporting template. The Commission thanks councils that have already provided relevant material. For general information, please refer to the Guideline for Information Provision or alternatively email any queries to advice@escosa.sa.gov.au.

Date Milestone summary  Status
1 Aug 2022 ESCOSA publish Framework and Approach and Schedule of Councils.
8 Aug 2022 ESCOSA publish Guideline for information provision and provide Written Notices to councils. completedComplete
15 Aug 2022 Councils to submit information on:
current strategic management plans
financial sustainability, and
audit outcomes.
15 out of 15 received
30 Sep 2022 Councils to submit information on:
material amendments to strategic management plans
revenue sources, and
financial reporting template.
In progressIn progress
 28 Feb 2023 ESCOSA provides advice to Local Government in accordance with the Local Government Act 1999. In progress In progress

For further information on the Local Government Advice scheme, please refer to Advice to Local Government.