Inquiry into retail energy prices

The Commission has commenced an Inquiry into Retail Energy Prices, referred to it by the Minister for Energy and Mining pursuant to Part 7 of the Essential Services Commission Act 2002.

The Terms of Reference require the Commission to conduct an Inquiry into evidence of, or the potential for, a party (retailer, generator, trading entity or relevant other party) in the electricity industry and/or gas industry to earn or have earned sustained super profits to the financial detriment of South Australian energy consumers, having regard to certain criteria.

Interested parties may make submissions on matters relevant to the Inquiry Terms of Reference by Tuesday, 10 January 2023. 

It is preferred that submissions are sent electronically to

The Commission will provide a draft Inquiry report to the Minister by 1 May 2023 with an Inquiry report within 14 days of the Minister’s response to that draft.