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Under the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES), obliged energy retailers, with residential customer numbers above a threshold set by the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy (refer to the REES Targets section), are obliged to provide a set number of energy audits to South Australian low-income households.

The Minister has set a target of 17,000 home energy audits be carried out in low income households between 2015 and 2017. Households can find out if audits or other energy efficiency activities are available to them by contacting any of the REES obliged retailers or third party contractors.

More details on energy audits are available in the REES FAQs section.

REES energy audit specification

The minimum specifications for the delivery of a REES energy audit set out in the Minister’s Energy audit specification. This document also describes the competency requirements (including qualifications) for persons undertaking a REES energy audit and the way in which the audit is to be conducted.

Information for energy auditors

For the purposes of demonstrating the relevant competencies to conduct a REES energy audit, an energy auditor must show they have received:

  • a qualification commensurate with the Statement of Attainment for the following three units of the Certificate IV in Home Sustainability Assessment;
    • CPPHSA4001A Assess household energy use; and
    • CPPHSA4005A Minimise health, safety and security risks when assessing home sustainability; and
    • CPPHSA4007A Promote the adoption of home sustainability practices by resident;


  • a Statement of Attainment for the units CPPHSA4001A and CPPHSA4005A, described above, and these units were delivered in a way that has embedded the core principles of unit CPPHSA4007A to the satisfaction of the Department of State Development.

A number of registered training organisations are accredited to deliver these modules of the Certificate IV in Home Sustainable Assessment. To obtain a list of these organisations, visit the My Skills website.

For more information on the training requirements for REES energy auditors, contact the Department of State Development on dsd.energy@sa.gov.au or 08 8226 5500

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