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From 1 February 2013, the principal regulation of South Australia's retail energy market transferred to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). The AER is now responsible for consumer protection and performance monitoring in the electricity and gas retail market. Further information can be found by visiting the AER’s website.


Pursuant to Part 4 of the Essential Services Commission Act, the Commission is empowered to make industry codes and rules regulating the conduct or operations of a regulated industry or regulated entities.  The Commission has made a number of relevant industry codes and compliance with relevant codes is a mandatory condition of each electricity and gas licence issued by the Commission.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Electricity Transmission Code, each transmission entity, system controller, generator and distributor must, to the extent requested by the Commission, coordinate and assist with the development of, and amendments to, a switching manual for the safe operation of: (a) the transmission system and distribution system, and any connection to or between those systems; and (b) where applicable, equipment belonging to a transmission customer or generator.

The Switching Manual was revised and Version 3 of the Manual released in September 2012  incorporates more recent operational practices and technologies and clarifies  the intent/definition of various clauses. References to legislation have been updated to reflect the changes that have occurred since the previous revision.


Pursuant to section 8 of the Essential Services Commission Act, the Commission is empowered to publish guidelines relating to the performance of its functions as set out in section 5 of that Act (which include performance monitoring and compliance).  In order to assist the Commission to fulfil various functions, it has issued the guidelines to licensees relating to the manner in which they report various matters to the Commission.

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