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The Chairperson, Acting Chairperson and Commissioners are appointed by the Governor, pursuant to section 12 of the Essential Services Commission Act 2002. The Governor may appoint persons as Commissioners who are qualified for appointment on the basis of their knowledge of, or experience in, industry, commerce, economics, law and/or public administration.

The Commission comprises of Mr Brett Rowse (Chairperson), Dr Lynne Williams (Acting Chairperson), Ms June Roache, Professor David Round and Mr Geoff Knight.


Mr Brett Rowse

Mr Rowse was appointed as Chairperson of the Commission on 4 July 2016.

Brett Rowse Chairperson

Mr Rowse has worked for 35 years in Treasury and Finance Departments at both the national and State level covering a diverse range of public sector policy issues. He provided broad policy guidance on a range of issues, with a particular focus on economic and financial management. 

In January 2003 Mr Rowse was appointed Deputy Under-Treasurer in the South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance, and on December 2010 was appointed Under-Treasurer, South Australian Department of Treasury and Finance. 

Mr Rowse chaired the South Australian Financing Authority Board and was also a Board member of the Adelaide Festival, Motor Accident Commission and Funds SA. 

Mr Rowse retired from the position as Under Treasurer, Department of Treasury and Finance on 30 November 2015.


Dr Lynne Williams

Dr Williams was appointed the Acting Chairperson of the Commission on 4th September 2014.

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Dr Williams has worked as an economist in the public sector for over 30 years. She is currently on a number of boards related to public policy, having recently resigned from the position of Under Secretary in the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance.

Previous to this, Dr Williams held senior executive positions in both the Victorian and Federal public services, including the Victorian Treasury and Finance, Premier and Cabinet and Industry departments, and the Federal Productivity Commission and Bureau of Immigration, Multicultural and Population Research.

Dr Williams has degrees in economics from the University of Melbourne, the London School of Economics and Monash University.

Dr Williams chairs the Victorian Government Procurement Board, and is a member of the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner with the Victorian Building Authority.

Dr Williams also sits on the Melbourne University Sport Board and the Board of the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Dr Williams is a Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) and of St Hilda’s College (University of Melbourne), a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and Vice President of Athletics International (Australia).

Ms June Roache

Ms Roache was appointed as a Commissioner on 29 May 2014.

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Ms Roache is an independent director with extensive business experience having held several senior executive roles including Chief Executive of SA Lotteries, and a number of governance roles including Vice President of the World Lottery Association and Chair of the Asia Pacific Lottery Association.

She currently holds board positions with ForestrySA, the SA Health and Medical Research Institute, the SA Football Commission, the History Trust of SA.

She is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, CPA Australia and the Australian Institute of Management.

Professor David Round

Professor Round is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Commerce at the University of South Australia and Research and Innovation Director with Torrens University Australia.  Since 1998 Professor Round has been a member of the Australian Competition Tribunal.

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Professor Round retired as Professor of Economics and Director, Centre for Regulation and Market Analysis at the University of South Australia in April 2014 and also previously taught at the University of Adelaide, Macquarie University, Duke University (USA), the University of Delaware (USA), the College of William and Mary (USA), Wesleyan University (USA), Vanderbilt University (USA) and at the Canterbury University N2.

Professor Round was an Associate Member of the Trade Practices Commission from 1986 to 1993 when he was appointed as an Associate Member of its successor, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, until 1998.

Professor Round was an Associate Member of the Australian Telecommunications Authority (AUSTEL) from 1989 to 1997. From 1997 to 2006 he was a Member of the Australian Communications Authority, which took over many of the functions of AUSTEL, as well as additional responsibilities.

Professor Round has authored some 150 papers published in leading Australian and international economic and legal journals, on a variety of industrial economics, competition policy and antitrust topics.

In January 2014, Professor Round was made a Member of the Order of Australia.

Mr Geoff Knight

Mr Knight was appointed as a Commissioner on  2nd October 2014.

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Mr Knight has served the South Australian public sector in a diverse range of senior policy, finance and leadership roles over three decades.

He has performed leadership roles in central and line agencies, including the Departments of Treasury & Finance and Premier & Cabinet, before being appointed Chief Executive of Primary Industries and Resources SA (PIRSA) in 2006, leading its emergence as a key economic agency.

He was subsequently appointed Chief Executive of the Department of Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy (DMITRE) when it was created in 2011. Under his leadership, DMITRE developed strategies for South Australia's engagement with China and India, a new Manufacturing Strategy for SA and undertook group-breaking studies in emerging sectors including uncoventional gas and cellulose fibre.

Mr Knight is a member of the Boards of Renewal SA and in 2014 was a recipient of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) National Fellow Award.

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Adam Wilson

Mr Wilson has served in the South Australian public sector for nearly 20 years in a range of legal, consumer protection and regulatory roles.

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Mr Wilson has been employed by the Commission since 2002, holding a range of posts, most recently Director Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.  Prior to his employment with the Commission, Mr Wilson was employed in the Attorney General’s Department including with the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs.