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The Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy has the function of maintaining, reviewing and amending the list of eligible Energy Efficiency Activities (including energy savings values and minimum specifications) for the purposes of the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES).

The Minister has approved a REES Ministerial Protocol that guides the Minister in determining the range of approved energy efficiency activities and sets out reporting requirements for the Commission in its role as scheme administrator.

Energy efficiency activities (from 1 January 2015)

Title Subject
01 Installation of insulation in an uninsulated ceiling space Residential only
02 Installation of top up Insulation in a ceiling space Residential only
03 Installation of insulation to an external wall Residential only
04 Installation of insulation to floors Residential only
05 Building sealing activities Residential only
06 Replace an inefficient window with a thermally efficient window Residential only
07 Secondary glazing retrofit Residential only
08 Install an efficient new flued gas space heater (non-ducted) Residential only
09 Install an efficient new reverse cycle air conditioner (non-ducted) Residential only
10 Install an efficient new reverse cycle air conditioner (ducted) Residential only
11 Install efficient new ductwork Residential only
12 Replace ductwork with an enhanced ductwork system Residential only
13 Replace or upgrade water heater Residential only
14 Replace an inefficient showerhead with an efficient showerhead Residential or commercial
15 Install CFL or LED general purpose lamp Residential only
16 Install LED down-light lamp or LED down-light luminaire Residential only
17 Replace halogen floodlight luminaire Residential only
18 Replace linear fluorescent luminaire Residential only
19 Install standby power controllers - audio visual (AV) Residential only
20 Install standby power controllers – information technology (IT) Residential only
21 Purchase high efficiency new refrigerator or refrigerator-freezer Residential or commercial
22 Purchase a high efficiency new freezer Residential or commercial
23 Purchase a high efficiency new clothes dryer Residential or commercial
24 Purchase a high efficiency new television Residential or commercial
25 Remove and dispose of an unwanted refrigerator or freezer Residential or commercial
26 Installation of a high efficiency pool pump Residential only
27 Aggregate metered baseline method Residential or commercial
28 Commercial lighting upgrade Commercial only

There are general specifications that apply to all the approved REES energy efficiency activities as well as the minimum specifications included under each activity.

Each energy retailer participating in the scheme decides on what mix of these energy efficiency activities it will undertake to meet its REES targets. It is therefore likely that an energy retailer will not offer all of the above activities at any particular time.

Consumers can contact any of the obliged energy retailers in South Australia, not just their current energy retailer, to find out what activities energy retailers are currently offering. Energy retailers may contract out their energy efficiency activities to third-party contractors, and you may also contact these third-party contractors directly.

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