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The WaterIndustry Act 2012 establishes the regulatory framework for the water and sewerage industry covering economic regulation, technical regulation, water planning and customer complaint handling.

The Water Industry Act commenced on 1 July 2012 and governs all water industry entities providing “retail services” to South Australian customers.

We are responsible for the economic regulation of urban water and sewerage services in South Australia. Our role includes industry licensing, consumer protection and retail pricing.

icon-water Final SA Water regulatory determination 2016 released

6 June 2016

Following a full independent review, with widespread community engagement by both SA Water and the Commission, the Commission has today released its regulatory determination to apply to SA Water for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2020 (RD16).

Under the new determination, the total amount SA Water may collect from its customers each year has been reduced by an average of $60 million, a 5.2 percent overall reduction.  This is additional to the ongoing $50 million average annual reductions arising from the Commission’s first regulatory determination in 2013.

The Commission acknowledges that SA Water and its management have transformed its business operations over the past three years and responded positively to the regulatory incentives set by the Commission. This determination enables further savings for customers and reflects the level of service they are seeking from SA Water. Importantly, it also provides long-term incentives to SA Water and its management team to meet its service obligations while delivering operational, management and financial efficiencies. That should lead to further efficiency gains, the benefits of which will flow through to customers.

RD16 will have effect on and from Friday, 1 July 2016.