SA Water regulatory determination 2024

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The Commission will make a new regulatory determination to apply to the water and sewerage retail services provided by SA Water Corporation (SA Water) from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2028: SA Water Regulatory Determination 2024 (SAWRD24). The regulatory determination sets the maximum revenues that SA Water can earn from its customers over that four-year period, and the service standards it must deliver for its customers.

The regulatory determination, while for a four-year period, is made in a long-term context:

  • The four-year expenditure proposals must relate to (and should be drawn from) SA Water’s existing long-term asset management, financing and service delivery plans.
  • Those plans, in turn, should have been developed through ongoing, transparent and genuine customer, community and stakeholder engagement.

In developing the maximum revenue cap, the Commission analyses SA Water’s proposed expenditure, and forms a view on the overall prudent and efficient expenditure required to deliver services. The Commission does this so that the revenue cap is based on the lowest sustainable cost for SA Water to efficiently deliver its essential services.

The SAWRD24 Framework and Approach sets out the key timing, process and governance matters, for the regulatory determination process. In addition, Guidance papers clarify the Commission’s expectations for SA Water for all stakeholders. SA Water will also make relevant information available for stakeholders at


Timing of this review and upcoming consultation opportunities

While the Commission remains responsible for making the final regulatory determination, the review process will involve multiple opportunities for stakeholders to be involved prior to that final determination. 

Input from a diverse range of stakeholders is important, as it helps the Commission to make better informed and more inclusive decisions. The Commission will therefore draw on the full range of evidence provided by all stakeholders in making the final determination.

Timing          Milestone
June 2023  Commission releases Issues Paper, for consultation, on Water Retail Code – Major Retailers, Service Standards and Framework for monitoring and evaluating performance
July 2023  Commission invites feedback on Issues Paper
August 2023 SA Water submits Regulatory Business Plan
September 2023 Commission invites feedback on SA Water’s Regulatory Business Plan 
January 2024 Commission releases Draft Determination for consultation
February 2024  Commission invites feedback on Draft Determination 
June 2024 Commission releases Final Determination 
June 2024  SA Water and SA Government develop prices
1 July 2024 SAWRD24 regulatory period commences
 August 2024 Commission commences ex-post review of process with stakeholders to inform SAWRD28 framework and approach 

Further information

Framework and approach

The Commission will make a new regulatory determination to apply to the South Australian Water Corporation (SA Water) from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2028: SA Water Regulatory Determination 2024 (SAWRD24).

The first step in the Commission’s Regulatory Determination process is to establish the Framework and Approach that will apply to SAWRD24. The Framework and Approach will set out the intended outcomes, strategies, overall process, governance arrangements and timetable. It will also include a list of subjects and topics that will be dealt with in detail in subsequent Guidance Papers.

Guidance papers

Guidance Papers will be released throughout the review process to clarify the Commission’s expectations for SA Water for all stakeholders. The Guidance Papers will cover principles, requirements and methodology on matters relevant to the determination.

The Guidance Papers should be read in conjunction with the Framework and approach paper.

Issues paper

The Commission has released an Issues Paper as part of the review of the Water Retail Code – Major Retailers WRC-MR/03 (Code) and the SA Water Monitoring and Evaluating Performance Framework (MEPF). The review is being undertaken as part of the SA Water Regulatory Determination 2024 (SAWRD24). 

The Commission welcomes submissions from stakeholders on the questions identified on the Issues Paper, and any other relevant matters by 28 July 2023. For further information, please refer to the project page.

SA Water's regulatory business proposal

SA Water has submitted its regulatory business proposal covering the water and sewerage retail services it will provide from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2028. SA Water’s proposal is available on its website:

The Commission is seeking feedback from stakeholders on SA Water’s proposal by Wednesday, 4 October 2023. 

It is preferred that submissions are sent electronically to [email protected] with the subject ‘SAWRD24 submission – Regulatory Business Proposal.’

Further information about making a submission is available on the Commission’s website.  

Please refer above for further information on the timing of this review.



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