Project Status
icon-electricity Minimum retailer solar feed-in tariff 2015-2016 Area Electricity Final
icon-water Regulatory information sessions - minor and intermediate retailers Area Water Final
Corporate Review of our charter of consultation and regulatory practice 2014 Area Corporate Final
icon-water Water metering code Area Water Final
icon-water Water Retail Code - minor and intermediate retailers Area Water Final
icon-gas Australian Gas Networks' jurisdictional service standards for the 2016-2021 regulatory period Area Gas Final
icon-gas Amendment to Gas Industry Guideline No 1 Area Gas Final
icon-water Economic regulation of SA Water from 1 July 2016 - framework and approach Area Water Final
icon-ports Ports price monitoring report 2013 Area Ports Final
icon-energy NERL review methodology Area Energy Final
icon-rees REES Code proposed amendments 2013-2014 Area REES Final
icon-electricity Review of electricity guideline No 3 - transmission and system control Area Electricity Final
icon-water Water industry rule No 1 - excluded retail services Area Water Final
icon-water Inquiry into drinking water and sewerage retail services pricing reform Area Water | Inquiry Final
icon-electricity Retailer feed-in tariff 2014 Area Electricity Further info
icon-water SA Water service standards 2013-2014 to 2015-2016 Area Water Final
icon-water Water retail licence variation - District Council of Yankalilla Area Water Final
icon-water Consultation draft regulatory information requirements for intermediate and minor water retailers Area Water Final
icon-water Water regulatory requirements for major water retailers - Water Industry Guideline No 2 amendments Area Water Final
icon-rees Energy Efficiency Fund Initiative (EEFI Scheme) 2013 Area REES Final