Project Status
icon-water Water Retail Code - major retailers Area Water Final
icon-water Economic regulation of minor and intermediate water retailers Area Water Further info
icon-electricity Electricity standing contract - wholesale electricity costs Area Electricity Final
icon-electricity Electricity standing contract price adjustment 1 July 2012 Area Electricity Final
Corporate Review of Enforcement Policy Area Corporate Final
icon-ports Ports pricing and access review 2012 Area Ports Final
icon-electricity AGL application for special circumstances review 2012 Area Electricity Final
icon-water Advice on a regulatory rate of return for SA Water Area Water Final
icon-electricity Determination of solar feed-in tariff premium 2012 Area Electricity Final
icon-electricity Variation to clause 2.10.2(d) of the electricity transmission code Area Electricity Final
icon-electricity Review of Electricity Transmission Code Area Electricity Final
icon-water Economic regulation of the South Australian water industry Area Water Final
icon-gas Gas standing contract price path inquiry 2011 Area Gas | Inquiry Final
icon-electricity Reliability performance in severe weather events Area Electricity Final
icon-energy Competition in South Australia's retail energy markets - interview with participants Area Energy Final
icon-water Potable water and sewerage pricing processes inquiry 2010-2011 Area Water | Inquiry Final
icon-energy Review of energy guideline No 2 - 2010 Area Energy Final
icon-rail Review of South Australian rail access regime information kit Area Rail Final
icon-water Water and wastewater pricing processes inquiry 2009-2010 Area Water | Inquiry Final
icon-rail South Australian rail access regime inquiry 2009 Area Rail | Inquiry Final