icon-water Water Industry Act - review of water meter arrangements

  • Project Released: 05 Dec 2012
  • Project Closes: 28 Jun 2013
  • Contact: Stuart Peevor


The Commission is conducting a cost benefit analysis of installing separate water meters on public residential land pursuant to section 99 of the Water Industry Act 2012 (WI Act).

Under the WI Act the Commission must prepare and publish a report on this analysis by 30 June 2013.  The purpose of the analysis is to examine the appropriateness of installing individual water meters where they are currently not installed, with a particular focus on public residential lands (owned by the South Australian Housing Trust or similar public bodies).


Current status is Final

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The Commission has released its report on the costs and benefits of installing separate water meters on public residential land. The report has been prepared pursuant to section 99 of the Water Industry Act 2012.

The report sets out the costs and benefits, and distributional impacts, of three schemes to retrofit individual meters to approximately 17,000 South Australian Housing Trust (SAHT) residential dwellings which are currently serviced by group SA Water meters. The report also considers the merits of mandating individual metering for newly constructed SAHT properties.

The Commission has found that, on a purely financial basis, there is no case for a large-scale roll out of individual water meters to group-fed SAHT dwellings. The Commission’s analysis shows that SA Water, SAHT and SAHT tenants would all pay more under an individually metered scenario.

However, the mandating of separate metering to new builds is likely to be less costly than to retrofit.

Finally, the Commission has also made a number of related observations in its report relating to the water metering and charging arrangements at SAHT dwellings.