ESCOSA content iconTarcoola to Darwin Railway - ten year review of revenues

  • Project Released: 19 Nov 2014
  • Project Closes: 28 Aug 2015
  • Contact: Nathan Petrus


The Tarcoola-Darwin Railway is subject to a third-party access regime established under the AustralAsia Railway (Third Party Access) Act 1997 (the Code) for below-rail railway infrastructure services.  This regime is intended to ensure that access to railway infrastructure services provided by a monopoly operator is available on reasonable commercial terms.

The Code requires the Commission to review whether or not excessive revenues have been earned for below-rail services that are not subject to a sustainable competitive price during the first 10 years of operation (and every five years thereafter) and, if it has, to put in place more targeted regulatory measures which will ensure that excessive revenues are not earned the future.


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The Commission has completed its Final Report on the Tarcoola-Darwin Railway - 10 year Review of revenues.

The Commission's finding is that excessive access revenues have not been earned in respect of non-competitive infrastructure services provided on the Tarcoola-Darwin Railway for the period from 15 January 2004 to 30 June 2013.

The Commission acknowledges the submissions it received in relation to the project and thanks stakeholders for their valuable input.